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Earn FREE groceries and gas discounts with your prescriptions!*

It’s EASY to earn Pharmacy Rewards with your Landis GO! card.

Easy to Earn!
Simply swipe your GO! Card every time you make a purchase at our in-store pharmacy at Telford or Vernfield. Each prescription purchase (and selected over the counter medications) will count towards

Easy to Track!
We'll keep track of the number of prescription purchases on your GO! card– You'll be able to check your receipt to see how close to a reward you are!

After your 10th filled prescription, you'll automatically earn a $5 credit which will be applied directly to your GO! Card. You'll also earn 5,000 Landis GO! Points, redeemable for 16 cents off per gallon gas discount (which equals $2.40 in FREE Gas when redeemed for 15 gallons!)

Easy to Redeem!
Redeem your $5 for groceries at our registers or for gas at Telford Fuel Station. Simply swipe your GO! card and save! Your 5,000 gas points may be redeemed at Telford Fuel Station or Harleysville Exxon.

There are NO limits to how many Pharmacy Rewards you can earn. Dollar amounts on GO! cards do not expire. GO! Points do not expire when you swipe your GO! Card at the register at least once every 60 days.

*Void where prohibited





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